Bonny Leibowitz | Conditional Constructs


The work embodies a transitory sense of presence in an ever changing, expansive atmosphere as relationships of all sorts; personal, interpersonal and global are considered.

I’m using a variety of materials in the making of both 2-D and 3-D pieces which introduce new realities between solid form and fluid circumstance. In their 3-d iteration I am utilizing polyfoam as a substrate which is dyed and manipulated into sculptural objects. The 2-d iterations employ wax, pigments and inks on Masa paper, Duralar or Yupo paper. I then cut out shapes that resonate with me, allowing the gesture become an important conceptual component in the work.

Some of these works hang on the wall while others are hanging freely from clips and filament wire tethered to the ceiling. They can appear as thin slices of atmosphere to walk around and peer through. Their elusive appearance with cut out areas, are especially stark in contrast to their bulky 3-D counterparts.

While the work itself contains the tangible qualities of materiality, the concepts embodied bring into question all we perceive as reliable, including our thoughts.

Although these considerations have been a part of my inner dialogue for much of my life, I became increasingly entranced with these forms, materials and processes as conditions, after the recent election, set the spiral of heightened questioning into motion. I’m engaging here with the broad picture of what it looks like to navigate an inner unknowing and our perceptual shifts in tenuous, shifting, precarious times.