How to upload resume to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is not a mandatory profile for searching for work in the CIS countries, but on the European market, and especially the American one, the applicant cannot but have an account in a well-known professional social network. Even if you directly send your resume to a potential employer, he definitely expects to see a link to your LinkedIn in it.

An example that you will see below, I gathered from LinkedIn-profiles of different people, so you should not focus on the integrity of its sections and inconsistencies in the content.

 How to upload resume to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows you to change the appearance of your profile URL. Instead of the standard link LinkedIn assigns, you can use your first and last name. Such a link looks more attractive and is easily embedded in the resume.

 Fill in the profile at 100%

LinkedIn’s internal algorithm promotes 100% higher profiles. That is why it is so important to enter information in all sections, including “Education” and “Interests”. Insert only relevant information that reflects your professional skills and experience, making your profile more attractive to potential employers.

 Take a professional photo

Unlike the American resume, photos in LinkedIn-profile can and should be added. However, it is very important that this is a medium or close-up of good quality. If possible, the photo should reflect your field of activity, and you should look open on it.

 Optimize the subtitle (tagline)

The title (the string under the name and surname) is tested by LinkedIn algorithms for matching the query, so it is important to use keywords that you can search for by hiring specialists. These may be job titles, area of ​​expertise, key skills. How to upload resume to LinkedIn?

Summary of yourself (Resume)

The image above shows that when you open a profile, only the first 2 lines of your quick reference about yourself are shown. In order to read it completely, you need to click on “Expand”. Not everyone does this, so the most important thing is to be at the beginning of the text. Pay particular attention to the first 2-3 sentences describing yourself.

 Describe the results, not the process

In the “Experience” section it is important to indicate not what your position implied, but what you were able to achieve. Remember, the result is more important than the process. Digital indicators look best here.

Show your achievements

Add in the section “Achievements” relevant information: publications, projects, courses and volunteer experience. Do not just list them, but upload the relevant documents, presentations, videos, leave links to the media with your publications.

How to add resume to LinkedIn?

In the modern business world, not having a LinkedIn profile is almost a moveton. More and more job seekers and HR specialists are registering on this social network. But many people use LinkedIn counterproductively: do not fill out the profile, do not join groups, do not expand the network of contacts. We have written detailed instructions for creating a flawless LinkedIn-profile. Thanks can be said in the comments.

How to add resume to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network for searching and establishing business contacts, launched in 2003 by Reid Hoffman. Currently, the site has more than 380 million registered participants representing 150 business sectors. The resource is available in 24 languages, including Russian.

LinkedIn is an unusual social network. This is not Facebook or VKontakte. There are no seals, funny videos, “vital” statuses and debates in the comments. This is a purely business space where you can find a job, place a vacancy, establish useful contacts with partners and clients, and also simply communicate about your interests – business interests.

With a profile in LinkedIn, you can make a beautiful resume or create a business card site. We already wrote about how to promote your LinkedIn-resume. Today we will talk about how to create a profile that allows you to present yourself as a super professional and earn respect in business circles.

How to add resume to linkedin?

According to statistics, only 51% of LinkedIn members are 100% complete. And in vain. After all, the less information, the lower the effectiveness of the profile.

Profile effectiveness is an indicator that shows whether there is enough information about you and your professional skills to establish new business contacts. The corresponding icon is located on the right side of the profile and is measured in percentages: from the initial to the “star” level.

LinkedIn’s search algorithm is such that the profiles with the highest performance indicator are displayed first. Therefore, it is recommended to fill out your page as accurately and in detail as possible. Otherwise, recruiters and potential partners simply will not notice you.

For maximum efficiency, it is necessary to install a photo (about the subtleties of its selection – below) and indicate:

  • field of activity and place of residence;
  • current position (with description);
  • two previous jobs;
  • information about education;
  • skills (at least three);
  • interest groups (at least a couple).

You must also set up at least 50 contacts with LinkedIn members. To learn how to properly form your network and get recommendations, read below.